New Super Mario Bros. U – Episode 28 (Finale)

New Super Mario Bros. U - Episode 28 (Finale)

In this episode: Superstar Road – 7: Lakitu! Lakitu! Lakitu! Mushroom House Superstar Road – 8: Pendulum Castle Superstar Road – 9: Follow That Shell! Thanks for watching! ———-Links———- 2-player channels: Tyler and Chris’s – Solo channels: Chris’s Channel – Tyler’s Channel – Tyson’s Channel – Spencer’s Channel – Stay connected with us: Like our Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to New Super Mario Bros. U – Episode 28 (Finale)

  1. Alma Soto says:


  2. ireand59 says:

    ttttTtttttttttttTttttTtttTttttttttTtttttttttttyson..Tyson  I♡ you

  3. franky walsh says:

    could you do avengers for wiiu

  4. Twisterf20 says:

    2:21-2:35 Is it even physically possible for Spencer to get any 1-ups?!

  5. Tycho Huybrechts says:

    you are a faggot

  6. beakon7 says:

    Y’all a bunch of faggots.

  7. Michelle Magnusson says:

    You guys can do the challenge mode on this game, it could be the next “let’s play” !! :)

  8. TyphlosionRulers says:

    do nightmare in dreamland

  9. HAZ3TH3W01F says:

    theyve all ready done nintendo land

  10. Christie Deandria says:

    Most lives at the end: Luigi (Tylor)

  11. Christie Deandria says:

    Wow. Spencer and Tyson have a tie. Congrats to Chris, who have the most

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