New SuperFastbusiness Video Reveals Affiliate Sales Increase Through SEOPartner Plus Business Advice from James Schramko

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

SuperFastBusiness owner and Internet marketing expert James Schramko opens his latest video update with good news, indicating that search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are still highly effective. Schramko recently announced that a FastWebFormula member had seen a triple increase in the sales of an affiliate product by using SEOPartner, which Schramko has developed, to improve SEO results. Schramko then shows a screenshot of the members payment history, the details of which reveal May sales amounting to US$ 166.33 and leaping to an impressive US$ 500.97 this month. Deeply dedicated to improving web business strategies for other companies, Schramko then adds more good news on top of this encouraging affiliate sales update.

Companies looking to get an intructory website SEO diagnostics can now do soat no costusing SEOPartners free website SEO check. The free website check examines the companys website for SEO readiness and uses information regarding its search engine page ranking and other pertinent data to determine which of SEOPartners solutions are a good fit for the company.

Schramko remarks, Remember, marketing is not a cost its an investment. As long as you track your return on investment, then you know if its a good idea for you.

SEOPartner is one of Schramkos many products designed to improve traffic and sales for online businesses and offline companies looking to acquire web presence. From content creation to web marketing (and now a free website SEO checkup), SEOPartners packages are Professional, Epic, Domination, and Video SEO.

Schramko also takes the time to address other aspects of web marketing and delivered key business advice by answering questions about the appropriate frequency for posting on blogs, creating products that will sell, and resolving staff requests for salary increase.

When it comes to posting on blogs, Schramko shares that he likes to post three to five times a week on, adding that viewer comments also help him determine the frequency of his posting. For a deeper look at blog posting, Schramko recommends viewers to check out an interview he did with energetic entrepreneur, Andrew Warner of Mixergy, on

The known Internet marketer points out to companies, Keep in mind that every post and every video and every audio is another opportunity for someone to find out about your business.

As for developing products that will improve sales, Schramko has this suggestion, Differentiate your offer so that it stands out when compared to everything else. If you want to learn about that sort of stuff, have a look at the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin. Its a great resource for this.

To determine a products viability in the market, Schramko uses an example from a FastWebFormula member who relied on opt-in pages to check if consumers were willing to find out more about the product or offer, and if they were open to purchasing more advanced products. Schramko says that a viable product is easily determined in a matter of hours by using opt-in pages that tell businesses whether they should continue to develop the product or to stop offering it.

Ideally youre identifying talent before they have to ask for pay rise, Schramko begins to say about addressing pay increases for staff. The SuperFastBusiness owners advice is to arrange for performance reviews, and establish a fair and reasonable agreement wherein staff output influences the pay check. He further adds, If someone asks for pay rise, but you dont think theyre offering the value, have that discussion with them and tell them why you feel that the value is not match with the reward that theyre seeking.

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