New Survival Life Article Brings Attention to Texas Gun Conflict

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 20, 2013

One of SurvivalLife.coms newest articles was published by Editor Above Average Joe, and details an altercation between Texas police officers and an active duty Army sergeant, with the sergeants recorded video as an integral piece of the story.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a text from my best friend with this video attached and while it is not my video I felt that you should be made aware of it, wrote Joe. Texas police arrested an active-duty Army sergeant for rudely displaying a hunting rifle. The sergeant, C.J. Grisham, established an online legal defense fund after he was, in his words, illegally arrested and disarmed for carrying the firearm.

Joe includes the YouTube video, posted by Grisham, as well as an excerpt from the videos description.

In Texas, it is legal to openly carry a rifle or shotgun as long as you do so in a manner that isnt calculated to cause alarm. In other words, you cant walk around waving your rifle at people. I always carry my rifle slung across my chest dangling, not holding it in my hands, the description said.

The post has garnered a huge amount of comments, with many followers voicing their opinions on the video and the subsequent civil lawsuit that Grisham is raising money to execute. Joe has reached out to Grisham, and intends to further investigate the story with a possible upcoming interview with the Army sergeant. The gun rights debate continues, and hopes to be part of the information sharing.

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