New Top Quality Merchant Services Available to Plumbing and Heating Supplies and Equipment Stores

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 13, 2012

MDS is looking to expand business and services into more markets including plumbing supplies, plumbing equipment, heating supplies, and heating equipment. This is part of overall endeavor to break into more and viable markets.

Merchant Data Systems and Karma Snack, the Internet marketing firm, team up to expand their services and added capabilities. MDS launched in 1997 and maintains a mission to innovation and excellence in the companys computer service and payment processing products. This enables merchants to use various credit card machines and terminals.

The two companies have teamed up in an effort to provide eCommerce as well as traditional business with merchant services that include search engine optimization, sales leads, and offering a package of financial products.

They provide their client base a service availability of 24 hours, seven days of the week. This enables merchants to continually create sales and ensure the best in credit card processing on the market. They have integrated sets of services and various products to in order to compete in todays marketplace.

Karma Snack supports online business and traditional retail markets. They provide expertise in developing websites, SEO, advertising, and marketing campaigns. They are able to use capabilities in social media, PPC or Pay per Click, and Google Adwords. Their software system enables all merchant members to be alerted to each aspect of their online business. This includes campaign progress throughout the day and night.

With leading technology that ties marketing campaigns, websites, advertising efforts, and accepting credit cards together, clients can be assured their services and products are found at the top of the search engine pages. The two companies both have stayed active with implementation of numerous initiatives that enhance clients business with an unparalleled infrastructure.

Merchant Data Systems

MDS started back in 1997 with a mission to deliver the most outstanding customer service in the merchant processing market and with sales clientele. They provide full-service merchant processing that includes credit card processing through credit card terminals. They also offer payroll programs and solutions streamlining merchants operations to help save in costs. Their Merchant Payroll solutions enable clients to run their payroll efficiently, securely, and with cost effectiveness.

MDS also offers their Money for Merchants program. Here they provide merchant cash advance services that are based on future credit transactions. These can be used to meet taxes, payroll, and marketing efforts as well as to purchase supplies and expanding capital.

Mobile payment solutions are also provided as a benefit to MDS clients. They can be used by either cell phone or on computers. As they can be accessed by various cell phone types, it all can work across major phone carriers. Security is assured with ROAMpay and assures the highest in standards. Its certified by PCI and client data gets encrypted before it leaves the phone. This means no information is left on the cell phone.

The company is said to offer a complete Internet commerce solution. They help clients who are just starting or businesses looking to expand into eCommerce operations. This includes services for payment processing, shopping cart and web design with low rates, and various software programs. Additionally it includes POS integration and invoicing solutions.

Merchant Data Systems incorporates an additional Equity Model to ISOs who wish to monetize portfolios and increase the value of equity. The firms proprietary software provides accuracy on dividends and residuals. Their technology offers advanced payment processing solutions and positions the company as a unique one-stop payment processing provider.

Karma Snack

The firm houses a dedicated department working around the clock to incorporate client satisfaction and success. Karma Snack fulfills their role as a search engine marketing company by driving traffic client websites and producing excellent client ROI (Return On Investment). Their results can be hundreds of times the amount of the investment.

Additionally, Karma Snack provides leads resulting in online sales and increases client presence. Potential clients as well as repeat customers land more and stay longer on Karma Snack developed sites.

While providing their services in Internet marketing, they delve into branding, website design, mobile apps, corporate communications, and writing of press releases. They further this endeavor by producing copywriting material. Central to their ideal and mission is loyalty and the company maintains strong relations in the community.

KS has extensive business savvy and experience. All members have extensive knowledge and expertise. It encompasses a sense of fun and an environment conducive to creativity. Innovation in marketing strategies are a result of weekly brainstorming meetings regarding each client.

As well as providing branding and social media expertise, the company has knowledge in radio and T.V. advertising. The digital department includes leading experts in that field. The team is experienced in implementing the highest placement for customers media investment.

Ever Expanding

Merchant Data Systems’ team-up and expansion into new markets including plumbing and heating equipment supplies has been in the works and continues their mission to innovation and excellence.

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