New Unique Free Deep Link Directory Categorizes Articles Across the Web

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 20, 2006

J.H. Mattern Communications proudly announces the launch of, a free and unique Web directory, linking readers only to articles that can be found across the Web. In an effort to encourage webmasters and writers to submit their article links to the directory, the site offers several webmaster perks, such as free one-way deep links with no reciprocal link required, the ability to add an unlimited number of articles to any subcategory, and the ability to add the same article to multiple categories if they are relevant.

Web directories in general may be a heavily saturated market, but deep link directories are still coming into their own. not only takes advantage of this new growing trend of linking to inner pages on websites listed (instead of to home pages), but also puts a unique spin on the deep link directory by focusing on the niche of deep article links only. In this way, the directory serves not only as a tool for webmasters, but also as a tool for readers to help them browse or search nothing but articles on the subject they’re interested in.

Normally, if a reader wants to search for articles to read on any given subject, they use a standard search engine. While search engines search the Web as a whole, they don’t separate articles from other content, meaning a user may have to sort through sales pages, company home pages, or other material not of interest to them just to find actual article content on the Web. This is because various kinds of Web pages can be optimized for the same search terms or keyword phrases. ensures that all articles included receive equal treatment in the general listings, so readers come across much more than just articles presented by large sites that pay SEO professionals to help them dominate search engine results. By searching, readers can be assured that they will only find reference materials in the search results, such as articles, tutorials, and occasionally statistical data or charts.

Webmasters and writers are encouraged to submit their free deep links to article pages, and are given an incentive to do so, to help grow into a large and effective article link directory as quickly as possible. While many free Web directories only allow home page submissions and require reciprocal links back to their directory, is more generous. Webmasters are never required to link back to, they can submit as many pages from their site as they want (as long as they are links to articles only, and follow a few basic rules found on the submission page), and they can even submit the same article to multiple subcategories when appropriate. This gives webmasters essentially unlimited potential to increase one-way incoming links to their websites from relevant category pages in the directory, which can be a benefit in terms of their own search engine optimization.

In addition to allowing webmasters to submit their own links, the directory’s owner will regularly scour the Web in search of quality articles on a wide variety of subjects to include them in the directory as a benefit to readers. The directory will feature sites ranging from small blogs and independent sites to large content networks and top level sites in a variety of industries.

About is a free article deep link directory, providing readers with a browseable and searchable interface to find articles on a large variety of topics without the cluttered results often found through search engines. The directory was launched on September 14, 2006 by J.H. Mattern Communications.

For more information about the new free article deep link directory, and how it benefits both readers and webmasters, please visit or contact Jennifer Mattern.

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