New, Unique SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services Provider, ‘SEO Education Center’ Will Provide Free SEO Education

Oyster Bay, New York (PRWEB) September 05, 2012

‘SEO Education Center’ takes an innovative approach to search engine optimization (SEO). Newly launched on September 1st, 2012, SEO Education center provides a free download of developer Dr. Harsimran Singhs book, SEO Secrets to Big Money. Dr. Singhs personal experience with SEO has urged him to develop an integrity-driven, educational SEO service provider. Unlike its competitors, SEO Education Center is unique in providing search engine optimization education for free in addition to paid professional services.

SEO is the process of moving up a website in the search engine rankings for a particular set of keywords. For instance, if one is to Google rich immigrants, one will find the books by Dr. Hasimran Singh, the president of SEO Education Center, being ranked #1.

On SEO Education Centers website, Dr. Singh emphasizes the importance of SEO in todays business world. As an accomplished author of 13 books and with a rags to riches story to tell, Dr. Singh expected to have people swarming his then, unpopular, website. Upon consulting with marketing professionals, he had dedicated years learning SEO. After making his site a lasting success, Dr. Singh launched SEO Education Center.

Interested parties can visit SEO Education Center, fill out a contact form and begin their SEO process with a free keyword analysis of their website. They will then be contacted by an SEO professional who will consult the customer on the best method to proceed. Upon completing the discussion, the customer is free to choose to proceed or not without any obligation.

A lucrative affiliate program is also offered for seasoned sales professionals who believe they can bring business to SEO Education Center. Details are discussed upon contacting SEO Education Center at 1-888-872-2355. The company is based out of Oyster Bay, New York and will provide SEO services internationally at competitive rates.

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