New Website Allows People to Rate, Review and Comment on SEO Company Reviews

(PRWEB) December 24, 2012

There is a new player in the game of search engine optimization, or, as it is more commonly known, SEO. It is a company whose mission is that of matching great internet marketing firms with those companies who offer great products and services, but perhaps lack personnel with the technical expertise to use SEO to the most advantageous level possible.

The name of this innovative company is SEO Company Reviews and they are making great things happen for their clients.

This is how it works:

1. ABC Company believes that the widgets they manufacture are the best on the market, and they want to make sure that, when people search Google for the best widgets on the market, the Google search will show ABC Company as a top search result.

2. ABC Company goes to, sets up an account, and immediately gains access to the extensive database of SEO company reviews.

3. ABC Company finds Superior SEO Firm, a company with experience both in this type of widgets and the companies that manufacture them.

4. Everybody wins.

SEO Company Reviews does not garner the internet marketing firms’ names by searching the internet. Instead, these firms complete an online application in order to be included in the database. Once the information provided is confirmed and accepted, the company is added to the database.

Keeping up with search engine optimization can be a challenge. For one thing, Google frequently changes the parameters that define how searches are conducted, so that web sites that engage in such practices as “keyword stuffing” do not succeed in crowding out other web sites that may actually supply the best content associated with the search.

Keeping up with these constant changes, and the web site updates that are required to stay competitive with Google searches, would take an entire crew of SEO specialists for some firms at an astronomical cost. Internet marketing firms that specialize in search engine optimization provide this service for their clientele (companies such as ABC Company) at a much lower cost. An additional plus is the fact that, because these internet marketing firms focus their talents strictly on this service, the results are superior.

Unfortunately, as with any other business genre, unscrupulous entities, claiming to be SEO specialists, masquerade as legitimate companies. They can be individuals posing as internet marketing firms, which is easy and inexpensive to do. Once they have exhausted one such fake website, it can be abandoned and another one launched.

SEO Company Reviews only lists legitimate internet marketing firms that specialize in search engine optimization. Their review and approval process is thorough and trustworthy, and yields a helpful list of “Top 10 SEO Companies”.

Additionally, SEO Company Reviews also maintains a list of companies who, in addition to SEO services, provide the following:

-PPC Services (“Pay Per Click”)

-Reputation Management Services

-Social media Marketing Services

-Web Design Services ( provides a list of Top 10 Web Design Companies)

Additionally, SEO Company Reviews provides company ratings, which helps to take the guesswork out of choosing the best company for the job.

So, regardless of which end of the spectrum your company resides upon, SEO Company Reviews, or, will help you partner with the right firm for mutual success that is almost guaranteed.

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