New Website at Launches to Introduce Call Tracking to United Kingdom

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) April 26, 2010

Mongoose Metrics, an enterprise-level call tracking solutions provider, today announced the launch of a comprehensive Web site aimed at educating businesses which focus on marketing across the United Kingdom about the power of call tracking to understand which marketing efforts generate phone calls. Mongoose Metrics offers local and toll-free phone numbers across all of the United Kingdom. At visitors easily can navigate the site to view service coverage areas, download informative white papers and get the most up-to-date resources about innovations in the call tracking industry in the United Kingdom.

For example, until Mongooses introduction of local and toll-free service coverage in the United Kingdom earlier this year, its been nearly impossible for UK businesses to use phone numbers to follow visitors from web-to-phone to understand how their websites drive phone calls and ultimately, sales.

Mongoose Metrics has partnered with telecom veterans, British Telecom and Virgin to assure top-tier service and reliability of all phone calls. The more you know about how call tracking can help you increase sales, reduce costs and raise customer loyalty, the better positioned youll be for success. Call tracking reveals a cache of actionable data including which keywords are driving calls, what page visitors were on when they called, geo-location and dozens of other customizable metrics to help you quickly make marketing decisions, says Bradley Reynolds, chief executive officer of Mongoose Metrics.

The Web site, also encourages visitors to request a demo, get pricing, view customer testimonials and quickly assess the value of call tracking solutions. In the future, Mongoose Metrics will develop additional information on this portal which specifically addresses the needs and concerns of United Kingdom businesses.

Overall, call tracking in the UK (with local or toll-free numbers) enables businesses to answer formerly mysterious marketing questions such as:

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