New Years 2012!

I challenge all you girls to make your next video without makeup on! The Questions: -11 highlights of 2011 -12 goals of 2012 -#1 product of 2011 -What was your most loved TV show of 2011? -What was your most loved song of 2011? -What was your worst decision/flaw of 2011? -What were your most visited websites of 2011? UCAMPS –
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9 Responses to New Years 2012!

  1. totesfreshhh says:

    is your cheer team going to nationals in march at anaheim for usa? thats when my team is competing! it’d be so cool to see you there or compete against you(:

  2. ReginaLeigh95 says:

    thank you!

  3. ReginaLeigh95 says:

    you just made my day :)

  4. NaturallBeautyxo says:

    you inspire me!

  5. ReginaLeigh95 says:

    yes i do swim! haha i get the broad shoulders thing alot

  6. ReginaLeigh95 says:

    im honored haha

  7. ReginaLeigh95 says:

    thank you :)

  8. webkinz333 says:

    do u swim? not to be rude but u have very broad shoulders and i was just wondering..

  9. amandajs21 says:

    I get my license in a month too! :)

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