New Year’s Eve 2013 – Google Doodle

There will be a Google Doodle about New Year’s Eve 2013. It is a nice animated Google Doodle. The numbers of 2013 are dancing on a dancefloor. On the right t…
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24 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2013 – Google Doodle

  1. I’m so sorry for the bad mistake: “Januar 31st, 2013” -> should be “December 31st, 2013”. My new Video about the New Year 2013 will be puplished in a few minutes. Stay tuned! I hope you will enjoy the music in it!

  2. google stop copying the end time pyramid 60 degree symbolism worship and come up with your own ideas for once… oh wait the 666 is in the chrome logo to i forgot. put your hope in material idols and you will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

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