New Years Tag 2011 feat. Michael

New Years Tag 2011 feat. Michael

let me know your resolutions for 2012 in the comments below! 1. 11 highlights of 2011 2. 12 resolutions for 2012 3. most used beauty product of 2011 4. most watched tv show of 2011 5. favorite song of 2011 6. one bad decision/flaw of 2011 7. most visited websites of 2011 – here is my favorite song of 2011 xoxo Jess Beauty Blog: Painting Channel: Vlog Channel: Twitter: Music Blog: Quote Blog Picture Blog Facebook Email me: Business Email: ______ TO HAVE ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS FEATURED ON MY CHANNEL PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR ALL THE RULES AND HOW TO APPLY. _______________ GLAM EYEZ COSMETICS Mineral Eyeshadows! http Colours in my trio: Lust, Silhouette, Serendipity Pink (glitter) Direct link to my trio _________________________ ftc* no affiliations
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19 Responses to New Years Tag 2011 feat. Michael

  1. Yvethe1 says:

    I dont feel so bad anymore. I feel like a whale next to my boyfriend after i had my daughter. But i guess not all cute guys are shallow and would date a phat girl. :) (Pretty Hot And Thick) You look begorgeous when you’re all dolled up.

  2. Shyanne Bahar says:


  3. jessb220897 says:

    Omfg you two are so cute!!

  4. megm007 says:

    you guys r so cute together! go girl! he’s cute

  5. Abdullah Rahim says:

    omg omg he looks like the guy who plays ted in how i met your mother. OMG doesnt he? no? oh i guess thats just me then

  6. shrederdog7 says:

    So cute!!! Make more vids together!

  7. Juliana Melchior says:

    I’m in love with the two of you, so damn cute together *-*

  8. Juliana Melchior says:

    I’m in love with the two of you, so damn cute together *-*

  9. Juliana Melchior says:

    I’m in love with the two of you, so damn cute together *-*

  10. greedlusthate says:

    LOLOLOLOL Runescape.

  11. PurpleZebra252 says:

    This muffffin, this cyootie pyatoootie

  12. SSaro0y says:

    mashallah ur so cute together great couple :**

  13. mysweetie924 says:

    I would love to see pictures/video from your Uncle’s Island, nothing to personal but maybe pics of the sunset or something like that. Can’t wait for the craft videos! Love these couple videos :)

  14. Sophie Curras says:

    Totally make the online store!!

  15. housewivetips says:

    mr sleepy head why are guys always sleepy lol

  16. MissCreamMuffin says:

    What is Michael’s channel? Can you link it please :)

  17. mandyretardiffff says:

    you guys are so adorable!! =)

  18. rrew rr says:

    15:01 that really made me jump

  19. kariah41 says:

    Jess your a beautiful girl! don’t let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your hopes and dreams for 2012 thank you for all your awesome videos!

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