New Year’s Tag! Reflections, Resolutions, & Favorites

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24 Responses to New Year’s Tag! Reflections, Resolutions, & Favorites

  1. Lena Hrunek says:

    Lindsey,you are sooooooooo lucky!!!!!! I wish I was you and like if you do too! You have a humongous make-up and clothes collection!!!!!!!You are beautiful and smart and good for you for getting into 3 colleges!!!!! All I’d like to say is you are soooooooo lucky and I love you!You are like my youtube idol and in real life too!!!!!!!Thankyou for being you,Lindsey!!!!!!!!

  2. Shonjae Hill says:

    I hope you still make Video’s when you start going to College .

  3. LilAforever12 says:

    Lindsey, What major are you majoring in for college? And what college are you going to? Also, I felt bad seeing you starting to tear up during your decision/flaw. I know how you feel. I love you and your my role model :)

  4. lovepink41101 says:

    omg i love ddancemoms!! those girls are freakin amazing!! i love it a different way from u tho!

  5. pinksugerplum says:

    Omg!! I can’t believer your starting college soon( lol I sound like a mom) but it is a new chapter in ur life I wish you all the luck in he world:)

  6. Louise Hazeldine says:

    make a boyfriend tag.. please!

  7. umitsjade x says:

    I am so used to you having brown hair its so weird to see videos of you with blonde hair

  8. umitsjade x says:

    First kiss video!!!

  9. 2107crazygal says:

    I love your hair too!!! Never change it!

  10. AtouchofPink42 says:

    Hi,Im ali and I know that many people want to be popular on youtube.But the thing is that I don’t want to be popular I need to be popular and I know its begging but please I have really great potential and I just wish and hope that someone will see that and give me a try. I really need this. So people just look at one of my videos and if u don’t like what u see just click out I just want to know if someone is watching….. Xoxo,Ali

  11. 16missunique says:

    i am not trying to invade in your personal life or ask something personal.. sorry if that is what this looks like but the incident that changed your life.. maybe you could have told us what you learned from it that would have been better!!

  12. Tiffany Stanfill says:

    You should do more videos on baking. I like them. :)

  13. lalyelangel says:

    I feel like I like this channel more than your beauty channel. I just love how you talk about your personal life and I just feel like there’s more to you than makeup and fashion. Please do random vlogs or just vlogs where you sit and talk about whatever you want, you’re amazing :)

  14. MrBiebersbabyy says:

    You’re such an inspirational 18 year old. You’re so mature and I think you’ll do fine in life. I hope you keep doing YouTube videos for 2013. Love you!!

  15. jessica strong says:

    when i am 21 i want to be a worker at a hair saon because i love doing my hair its fun

  16. MeaLenea Homer says:

    Me and you r so much alike

  17. ShopOholiC2422 says:

    I really hope you commit to the G when deciding to go to college! it would be so exciting to have you at my university :)

  18. fya love says:

    u have a brother????? im late 

  19. idontseemtohavealife says:

    I don’t know… She had her first kiss and also got pregnant? I doubt it.

  20. alexissssrodriguezz2 says:

    @MsPercythegreat how do you know that..?

  21. southernbeauty311 says:

    Hey Y’all its Amber. I just started up a new beauty channel a couple of days ago. So far I have put up 4 videos, and more are in progress. I just wanted to come over and invite y’all to come check them out, and possibly subscribe? Thanks for your time & hope to see you soon. Love, Amber!

  22. jenna madho says:

    I love your hair and your vlogs if you didn’t do one can you make a whats in my school bag vid

  23. MUNN53 says:

    I really like the brown alot more than the blonde, it looks so much more natural!!

  24. susanbritney says:

    I love Jillian too! I’m currently do her workout videos,they are hardcore!

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