GET YO DUB ON!! The Questions: -12 Highlights from 2012 -13 Goals for 2013 -#1 product of 2012 -What was your most loved TV show of 2012? -What was your most loved song of 2012? -What was your worst decision/flaw of 2012? -What were your most visited websites of 2012? ANYONE CAN DO THIS TAG!! but here are some people I TAG specifically:) I TAG… akaydoll alexalosey beautybaby44 beautyrush315 beyondbeautystar eleventhgorgeous fashionwithty grav3yardgirl hautebrilliance hayleyistcb hellokatyxo kaileemckenzie krazyrayray lolufullyloaded meganheartsmakeup meghanrosette sarahbelle93x sparkliebarbieXO sweetbeautyx xeverygirlx strawberryelectric48 missbeauty4everxo Me Singing in Oliver!: Send me mail! AYYDUBS PO BOX #2458 PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND 02906 My Links: VLOG CHANNEL- TWITTER- FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: DAILYBOOTH: BEAUTYLISH: INSTAGRAM: Ayydubs
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21 Responses to NEW YEARS TAG !!

  1. Reagan Seyring says:


  2. Cacyy678 says:


  3. makinupkadin says:

    I can’t wait to meet you in nyc imats!!!

  4. megan dipasquale says:

    Vlogs sorry

  5. megan dipasquale says:

    Please do blogs

  6. anniekb10 says:

    I love lost so much

  7. wickhamjamie1994 says:

    I became antisocial senior year too, so you’re not the only one lol

  8. Cameron Angel says:

    it was so funny when she said that it almost kind of scared me! 😛

  9. yourfavoritenisha says:

    this tag is sick! i am going to do this (i think haha)

  10. HeyItsAjGarcia says:

    I really like your videos! I’m starting out on youtube and it would mean a lot if you watched one of my videos and possibly subscribe!! I’ve only made 2 videos so far! Please let me know what you think!!!! (:

  11. Livin2ShopAndLoveDEC says:

    Senioritis is something I need to overcome. But, I love being a senior too. I want to see Panic! At The Disco sooooooo bad!!!!!

  12. VictimizedByMakeup says:

    i was in oliver but i was a cop haha. i wanted to be nancy but that didnt happen… hahah

  13. Gisel Herrera says:

    if you are antisocial, then i don’t even know what the heck i am. i could not see you being antisocial at all from your vlogs.

  14. katanauser101 says:

    Hahaha I knew you would say porn for the last one!!

  15. Danielle Nicole says:

    im going to the concert where maroon 5 and owl city is playing! :) maybe i’ll see you hahaha

  16. NYgirlBeauty says:

    hola chicas! i would loveee to reach 100 subbies on my new beauty channel by february! please make my day by checking out my channel! thanks!

  17. Sarah Styles says:

    I seriously wish I could meet you!

  18. iceskateral says:

    How often do you travel out of the country with your family?

  19. LovelyLilyGrace says:

    Yeah I’m STOKED I feel sooo lucky!

  20. Kristinlbhs16 says:

    its seriously weird our troupe is doing south pacific here in florida lol (:

  21. maddiethemouse69 says:

    Why did i know you were gonna say pornhub xDD (/.)

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