new york city street

new york city street

Image by mandyxclear
new york city

9 thoughts on “new york city street

  1. Very good treatment. We feel New York with all that contrast. There is also something interresting in the fact that bottom is dark and high is light. — Seen in a discussion of the group "Black and White" (?)

  2. Seventh Avenue just south of Columbus Circle and Central Park South. You can feel the energy and the shot beckons you to continue south. To what used to be the end of the only transcontinental path across America, now Times Square. Then downtown Herald Square then the the village and beyond. I miss my beloved New York, and long for it when I see this this poignant shot.

  3. Show me a beautiful photo of New York City and I’ll be, uh, something. It’s difficult to describe, but good. It’s a little bit like the way some people feel after they eat chocolate.

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