New York’s Real Life Transformer Robot

New York’s Real Life Transformer Robot SUBSCRIBE: Artist Peter Kokis, from Brooklyn Robot Works turns everyday items into massive Transf…

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21 Responses to New York’s Real Life Transformer Robot

  1. artezuelakhen says:

    Hese wearing it liar

  2. artezuelakhen says:


  3. sshanmug90 says:


  4. vjRohim1 says:


  5. bigjoecf says:

    this guy is awesome

  6. yadia salgado says:

    he should make a halo robot

  7. Postghost says:

    Just spend $700 on a maker-bot and be done with buying household items at end consumer mark up price, forever….

  8. BRobotWorks says:

    “Thank you, all of you.” – Brooklyn Optimus Prime (now at three years old and at Version 10, he weighs 128 lbs.). website: BrooklynRobotWorksDOTCOM

  9. John Nguyen says:


  10. SilentShredder123 says:

    My Automated Warehousing Gantry Robot in progress. Check it out! automatedgantrywarehousingsyst­

  11. moviedude590 says:

    Wow no Iron Man

  12. dellboytunez says:

    the robots are actually good

  13. dylan walker says:

    someone is side the robot a peorson

  14. Astro939 says:

    2:08 “what the fuck”

  15. ramond pramono says:


  16. Minny Erva says:

    ONLY White countries + millions of non-Whites + forced assimilation = White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  17. plumberplumber o says:

    Totally cool.

  18. joselyn de la torre says:

    i’m also a geek!! (especially on transformers) i make halo armor and weaponry, transformers full body armor (i actually made a whole jet that can transform into a robot), alien vs predator masks, one iron man mask lol, and i’m planning to make a robot from the movie called “real steel”. i do all my costumes with cardboard, papermache, plastic, and house hold items just like you do. my friends and family say i’m just wasting my time, but i’m obsessed with this. You have brighten my day!! Thank u!

  19. Nevermore941012 says:

    please real life iron man ther’s a guy who made a custome thats awesome

  20. petsaremypeeps says:

    wish he would make a ciberman from dr.who

  21. vanessa lin says:

    wow astig 

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