Newest shopping day gains traction

Newest shopping day gains traction
The credit card giant promotes the day through advertising, a website and other tools for small businesses. This year … “We're trying to educate people to support your vendors rather than supporting just (companies like) 1-800-FLOWERS. They're not …
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Facebook Gift Scams: How They Work
"One thing this scam does right up front is detects your location and determines whether you're likely to be sucked in by a Woolies scam or not," said Hunt in a blog post that analyzes how these scams work, as well as what the criminals behind them are …
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Takeover Day 2012: creating young culture heroes for more than one day
And this public profile for youth work acts as an internal advocacy tool for those working hard to promote the involvement of young people within their own organisations. "Look what attention it gets us!" they can tell … Bragging about how many …
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