Newport Beach Defense DUI Attorney Further Assists Clients by Launching a Useful DMV Hearing Page

(PRWEB) October 07, 2013

California laws are quite stern when it comes to DUI or DWI offenses that fall under the category of drunk driving. People therefore dread a DUI arrest, and in most cases have no idea how to proceed if such an event takes place. Keeping in view this lack of knowledge on part of the residents of Newport Beach, the popular DUI attorney with an impressive success profile, recently released a helpful Orange County DMV hearing page for the benefit of his clients. The page clearly explains how to defend such a case especially if the offender is able to present adequate evidence at the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, the important thing is to contact the DMV within 10 days of the arrest in order to be qualified. To learn more about what to expect from the Department of Motor Vehicles or to speak with an attorney call 877-227-9128.

Following a DUI arrest in California, the offender should hire an experienced defense attorney who would know the proper legal drunk driving defenses to help their client with the issue. These may include improper or faulty investigation on part of the officer who arrested the offender, incorrect blood test, defective or damaged testing apparatus, and erroneous calculations. These defenses could be presented in front of the DMV hearing in order to prove that the offender is not guilty of a DUI offense. A hearing is usually requested by the DUI attorney on behalf of his client so that the prosecutor would review the case before this date and come to a decision in favor or against the victim.

The renowned DUI lawyer in Newport Beach California recently released a useful DMV hearing page that contains information on how to defend the case at the department in order to avoid automatic suspension. The DMV is responsible for arranging a hearing following a request from the victims lawyers. If, however, the department is unable to schedule a hearing within 30 days, the case automatically goes in the hands of the DUI offender. In some cases, the person gets his or her driving privileges back at least temporarily until further notice. The law firm believes that anyone facing criminal charges should consult with an attorney to go over their legal rights.

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