News Briefs

News Briefs
A man who identified himself as an active duty military member posted on the website for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation that Robins Air Force Base personnel used the greeting more than a dozen times with him in the past two weeks.
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The Most Violently Racist Internet Content Isn't on Stormfront or VNN Anymore
The world of online hate, long dominated by website forums like Stormfront and its smaller neo-Nazi rival Vanguard News Network (VNN), has found a new — and wildly popular — home on the Internet. Reddit boasts the 9th highest Alexa Internet traffic …
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Google change allows company statements to top news searches
… traffic and risks misleading users, analysts said. A Google spokeswoman said that in September the search giant widened the number of sources from which it drew the entries that appear in the "in the news" section of its search results page …
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