News of a baby

News of a baby

Image by shutupyourface
Good news this last sunday.
Joshua (spunkymonky) & Izan (sherizan) are going to have a baby.
These few shots were taken on the presentation of this news.

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3 Responses to News of a baby

  1. Susheel Chandradhas says:

    brilliant pic, emotion, tones and photoshopping. i love it.

  2. POCKET_ROCKET says:

    this is a nice one. you know to be honest, when i saw the title and the thumbnails weren’t loaded yet, i immediately thought it was you and zab who were expecting. i got really excited, then kinda offended that y’all never told me…

  3. shutupyourface says:

    Thanks Susheel. Of course we would tell you little pocket rocket!!! No plans any time soon ok :)

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