Seo Becomes a New SEO Ranking Factor, Announced New Google Circles Feature for all Authors

(PRWEB) February 24, 2013

The news analysis platform has announced that, following the significant bearing of Google Circles as a prime SEO ranking factor, it has now started to award authors with their own Google plus link in the author profile. This move is helping authors expand their circles and build a following, which is a major gain for SEO.

Towards the middle of 2012, over 200 popular sites surveyed by SiteTrail indicated that the use of Google plus over Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles to promote posts had resulted in higher search engine rankings, in particular on Google, which makes up approximately 70% of web traffic to site which are dependent on search traffic.

Google plus circles can help content rank on top:

The key to Google displaying fresh results from useful content is that it has a strong social vote. In order to obtain a strong social vote, writers should have a strong following within their Google circles. Once a strong circle exists, it increases the likeliness that others will favour the content of an author through the +1 sharing button.

Growing Google circles rapidly:

By obtaining a free author account and by publishing regular content across its popular network, users will grow a strong following. With the average article attracting 5 new followers per day, an author who wrote 10 popular articles will gather around 18 250 new followers in their circle, whereas an author who added a mere 20 articles will likely gain in excess of 30 000 followers, all within the scope of 12 months.

The Editor of had this to say to their authors: NewsTrail is about sharing valuable information across the web and connecting people. We look forward to share our popularity with authors and see their Google circles grow as a result of sharing useful content.

Each category in NewsTrail for in which approved content is published is shared across a vast social network of Google circles backed by Twitter users. Contributors can publish any content ranging from citizen journalism and news, to finance, health, tourism, education and even create a free business profile. Whilst free backlinks are published, NewsTrail remains a spam free service and adheres to rigorous policies. Already users can track NewsTrails analysis of news events published across,Debkafile,, Jpost, PressTV, CNN and other popular networks and add to this.

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