on Facebook Graphs Strategy for Search: Now Outshining Yelp and Google.

New York (PRWEB) February 18, 2013

The SiteTrail owned news portal, has published the latest report on the new Facebook graph search where it looks at the comments of the former Google engineer who is now a Facebook engineer, Lars Rasmussen.

The SiteTrail report noted that whilst Facebook is of the opinion that the results are better than that of Google that the only real advantage Facebook Graph search offers, is the ability for users of the social media platform to conduct a search which has back up Bing results from within Facebook, however that since the Bing algorithm does not resemble the usefulness of Google results, that it is unlikely to be a game changer for user experience. Attributed to the fact that most sites which were analysed did not show an increase in Facebook and Bing traffic over that of Google, there does not exist any new evidence to suggest that Graph search has overtaken Google or is taking steps in that direction.

Changes in Googles own algorithm:

There is however reports from more than 2000 websites that on 17 November 2012 they have seen an overnight reduction in Google referred traffic and since those volumes had not been replaced by Bing and Yahoo from an analytics perspective, that such a change is only attributed to Googles own omission of results it considered less useful. Matt Cutts from Google stated previously: Google is primarily interested to ensure a good user experience with useful results. This was not well received by an array of websites which have lost rankings in its results, prompting much stronger support for Bing and Yahoo.

The race is now much more intense as we have the rapidly approaching Pinterest search feature, countered by Bing and Facebooks alliance with Google encouraging the use of Google plus over other social media marketing buttons. The question is whether Google and Pinterest will join forces as we now have Yahoo, Bing and Facebook effectively working together to unseat Google. (See the 7 tips for using Pinterest released recently)

The editor had this to say to readers: As users are more interested in obtaining useful results and exactly what they search for, the fact that Facebook is backed by Bing will help them perform better, however the market still shows a strong preference for Google over Bing, and it is hard to see how Facebook will change the equation, we look forward to receive more user feedback on SiteTrail forums.

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