NeXT, OpenStep and the return of Steve Jobs to Apple

NeXT, OpenStep and the return of Steve Jobs to Apple

How all began… Fifteen years ago today: MACWORLD EXPO in San Francisco — January 7, 1997
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18 thoughts on “NeXT, OpenStep and the return of Steve Jobs to Apple

  1. the man in the turban is a sikh, (NOT muslim if you was thinking that!) and steve jobs wasn’t uncomfortable because of him, he went to india for a whole YEAR and met and saw plenty of Sikh people with turbans! Just read his bio! FS!

  2. No, Johnny Ive came up with the iMac, steve even said it himself in an interview at All things D. Steve were the only one who saw the greatness and potential of his design, and so they went with his design.

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  4. Gil Amelio and the guy with the 20th anniversary mac still need practice in presenting, can’t believe this all happens because their a technical issues

  5. This was weird. It is not included in the official Apple podcasts. I thought I saw them all. Interesting to me how lots that mostly Gil said didn’t happen, but it seems it was all part of Steve’s plan to basically substitute MacOS with NEXT.

  6. Honestly I dont care that much. I want a kernel that works. Windows 7 is much better than Win used to be but still Mac works better for my musical needs. I can say thanks to Bill for his multiplication vision over Steve`s high end system one. I am glad Apple chose MACH.

  7. There’s only 2 commercial/”know it by everyone” pc kernels in this world… unix based and windows nt… be unique they said.. well at least microsoft is unique

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