Next Wave with Gary Vaynerchuk: Content is king

Next Wave with Gary Vaynerchuk: Content is king

Gary V. breaks down how “content marketing” is changing the face of advertising in 2012 and why providing content is more important to a company’s brand than promoting its products. — Video by Alvin Patrick and Cat LoBuono

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17 Responses to Next Wave with Gary Vaynerchuk: Content is king

  1. Danny Caudle says:

    This is a gem in the middle of a shit pile

  2. classicdinner says:

    what do you mean?

  3. Matt Hixson says:

    Context is KING – Content is Queen.

  4. Vanessa Van Horn says:

    It is all about more authentic and personal relationships! Spectacular insight here :)

  5. SupremeA07 says:

    Great video! I have started doing this in my business and the affects are astounding. I truly believe it is changing how companies will market and it completely opens up new doors for smaller companies and start ups that specialize in a particular product compared to large companies that service a large range of services or products. People like that personal touch. giving them information is a way to do that! Great story!

  6. thezafragroup says:

    Love it Gary! Content marketing is powerful and will only get stronger as the day goes by. As long as we produce quality content, the sky’s the limit online. Amazing how blogging has made such a huge difference for people.

  7. ThatSocialMediaBlog says:

    Clear is one of my favorite apps!

  8. Pam Brossman says:

    Love it Gary thanks for sharing. I was just sharing this same message at my event during the week explaining to the room that they are not their logo. Those who engage and communicate and humanise their marketing will win the game in the new economy and I for one am enjoying the shift. thanks for sharing have a fab day! Cheers Pam

  9. imagexphotography says:

    yes… sorry its the blatant used car salesman technique way too much. cringeworthy

  10. David Carnegie says:

    Seriously? It’s called passion.

  11. armentisteve says:

    I love how GV is so anti-PR. Does anyone even read press releases anymore?

  12. 1greatthink says:

    Here Here Gary! We started the now, largest selling wine brand in the country in our laundry room with no money and no knowledge of the wine industry and did it all with out advertising. We are giving our learnings away at barefootwinefounders.Our goals are to encourage entrepreneurialism and promote worthy cause marketing over advertising. You have it right! We are a case study and big fans! Michael and Bonnie Barefoot Wine Founders

  13. imagexphotography says:

    can this guy pull more irritating faces or make his mouth wider? Even if he is saying good stuff, its impossible to concentrate on it because he behaves in this ridiculous way

  14. TalentTalks says:

    My content marketing strategy is to be considered a “good dudette” #ThatIsAll

  15. ROEofExcellence says:

    Didn’t Gary already talk about this like 20 years ago?

  16. gquattromani says:

    Damn Gary, that look at the end was pretty serious! Great work as usual though, keep them coming.

  17. PropulseTaPME says:

    How can you put “dislike” on this video?

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