NeXTSTEP Release 3 Demo

Steve Jobs demoing the NEXT operating system. Many of the features shown here are now in Macintosh OSX.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to NeXTSTEP Release 3 Demo

  1. John David says:

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  3. filippo333 says:

    It’s funny hearing Steve say “Better than PCs and Macs” lol

  4. ilparola says:

    That word processor is actually better than the last release of Microsoft Word 😀

  5. Metalshad0 says:

    It really is irritating, how a product 20 years old is about 10 button designs away from today’s Mac OS X. This man really knew what was coming before anybody else had even dreamed of it.

  6. Hangtube says:

    That’s either a fantastic troll, or the stupidest comment I’ve seen today. Thumbs up if you think its the latter.

  7. Leo de Leon says:

    This is the early stages of what we now know as OSX.

  8. JamesR624 says:

    Did I just hear Steve Jobs trash talking a Macintosh? I know exactly why, but it still sounds very weird for him to be talking about a Mac as an inferior machine.

  9. JonnyInfinite says:

    ..perhaps early 90s but still

  10. JonnyInfinite says:

    Light years ahead for the late 80s

  11. Jason Powell says:

    Uhhh Active Directory is a copy cat of Novel’s NDS. Yeah remember NDS for NT. You probably don’t because of your statement. Look it up.

  12. Goldman Sacks says:

    All in all a perfect software package and still faster than GTK based apps xD

  13. ljheidel says:

    Yup, people who do high-end video are on the PC. Not using Avid, etc. on OSX. You’re right. Nobody does serious near-line or post production on the Mac. You must be a genius.

  14. ljheidel says:

    It’s called OpenLDAP. What am I missing here?

  15. danfuerth says:

    There is one thing that no UNIX, no Linux, No Apple could ever come up with better ACTIVE DIRECTORY. Apple even dropped Xserve LOL, no one has the balls to make a better Active Directory such as Windows Server or Novel’s system. WE NEED an open source Active directory.

  16. danfuerth says:

    Mad fanboys gota love them . Apple gave up, hear me GAVE UP ON MAC OS9 and went to unix ( aka FREEBSD because they did not want to pay licences to the SCO group for the original UNIX). How many developers dropped apple ? dozens when apple screwed them over with the switch, then yet again with the Intel switch. That is why Apple left the computer business as they knew the developers are not there anymore and went to phones which is more profit. All the high en Cad ,Video, graphics ony PC now.

  17. dcjlove says:

    That’s my point, he made me want to buy a machine that no longer exists! Do you feel better about yourself after telling me to “wake the hell up?”

  18. jeffwads says:

    You are 20+ years too late. Wake the hell up.

  19. kidonlyle says:

    The Dock wasn’t part of the Amiga OS

  20. websuspect says:

    Lots of people work on these kinds of systems can be a nightmare if you have incompetent employees or a number of incompetent managers messing up a network database.

  21. bitsorbytes says:

    See that ‘tracking’ text at the start…. It means it was recorded onto VHS (google it). This is about as good as it gets. Remember this was taken decades ago, no ‘HD’ around then!

  22. Commodorian says:

    This pre-dates Amiga OS 3.9 by at least a decade so the dock could not have been ripped off.

  23. janmansde3dede says:

    OS 3.9 came with a dock in 1999/2000 (?) but guessing from your username you probably knew that :) I like it that Steve avoids mentioning the Amiga, He knows he’s screwed if people know that the Amiga does most the things NeXT OS does at only 500 bucks :)

  24. Rhoddh says:

    Anyway to get this video in HD?

  25. mrcheesenips says:

    Not all UNIX systems have the same interface, it would be difficult to tell if that interface was completely different by watching the video.

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