Nexus 6 vs Note 4: Google vs Galaxy

Nexus 6 vs Note 4: Google vs Galaxy

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21 thoughts on “Nexus 6 vs Note 4: Google vs Galaxy

  1. I think the Nexus 6 being a little pinkish redish at the lowest brightness may be on purpose. Blue lights are not good for you when you are going to sleep. So MAYBE it was done to reduce the effects of harmful blue light. Effectively leaving no need for apps like twilight. 

  2. As much as I like stock android I have to say that for the money I would pick the Note 4. The reasons are micro sd card slot, removable battery, SPen, Touchwiz extra features which can come in handy when needed, etc… The Nexus 6 looks nice, but for stock android I wouldn’t pick such a large device. IMO stock android is more for simple users who don’t want that many features. Larger screens are meant to be taken advantage of and the Note 4 is the best for that. 

  3. The Nexus 6 and 9 were the biggest disappointments of the year for me, slightly edging out the iPad Mini 3 and the lack of anything to get excited for when it comes to Windows Phone. The Note 4 however is a fantastic phone which will be highly supported by XDA, so if you don’t like Touchwiz and for some bizarre reason think stock Android is good…. you can flash that rom if you want!

  4. Dayum, I would get the Note 4 if it was just a bit smaller, its too big… I want a phone, not a half phone half tablet… And no, I dont want the s4 because its complete shit compared to the Note…

  5. Well I have the have every nexus device. I also have an LG G3, MOTO X(1st & 2nd GEN), I never get rid of my devices for some reason. But out of all of them I’m still rocking the M8. I have lollipop on it now, and I must say this thing runs as smooth as butter! I still use my nexus 6 for some work related stuff and my Nexus 9 for a little entertainment. Mostly everything in my house is connected, Chromecast and Android TV and My PS4 I stream YouTube or watch content on those. Play my games on the PS4(Obviously) so I’m not a hardcore mobile gamer lol. I guess what I’m saying is the M8 does best for me for now. Everyone has different life styles, different preferences. 

  6. This review is so misleading! Their are apps in the app store that inspired the multi window function that sammy has implemented in their software! You can have this on any device! Nexus camera produces more natural shots not over saturated ones! I thought more true life colors were what OEMS were trying to achieve! Multitasking pro, floating apps, Gplayer all allow multi window functions! You can right and draw on any android device and highlight cope or paste with your finger lol! With that said you the user control how feature pack you want your device, you control what you use!!!

  7. I’ve had the note 2 and note 3, after that I had the lg g3… Now I’m rocking the nexus 6 and must say it is a very close call on what i like more..I play with my friends note 4 constantly and can’t say either is much better

  8. I have a 5.7 inch ZTE ZMAX with multiple multitasking apps that I have gotten from the play store. I can do all the stuff that the Note 4 can with the exception of the s pen and a couple of other things. Multi tasking did not start with Samsung and you don’t have to get a $700 phone to be able to use it. Apps like sidebar.. Swipe pad… Multitasking… Floating apps.. Give you the ability to turn any device into a multitasking machine. People forget that android is for software development and let corporations brainwash them into paying hundreds for software they could get for little or no cost. 

  9. 6:53 unless you r specifically looking for a nexus device or u only want a big screen with simplr software THE GALAXY NOTE 4 IS PROBABLY UR BETTER BET……michael messed here real bad..

  10. Guys I need help here 😛 I’m thinking to change my iPhone 5s to an Android Device. Never liked Android before, but I bought to my dad a Moto G, an intermediate Android device, and while I was configuring, it was an amazing experience with Android Lollipop, it feels different, clean and more dynamic. Obviously, this device is a little bit slow, but for the price, is a great smartphone. I want a smartphone that provides what Apple does: updates to more than 2 years, good to photos and videos and good performance on games and internet navigation. My iPhone is an awesome device that has a great performance, but even with Jailbreak, the system is very simple and sometimes, impractical. Also, I don’t like Samsung’s Android, looks awful and I hate those many apps (I tried to use the S5 and I didn’t like it). What you guys think: should I abandon the pure Android experience and updates to a better camera and some features that Note 4 has or the Nexus 6 is a good choice?

  11. nexus 6 went wrong all the way imo, a purposeless large, thick and pricey phone with no removable battery, no sd card slot no nothing to me that justifies it’s price or size. Nexus represents what android is supposed to be, and the nexus 6 (unlike the nexus 5) is just a plain, bad example to follow

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