NFL Uniform Policy for Sept. 11th

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19 Responses to NFL Uniform Policy for Sept. 11th

  1. TDxAL says:

    It’s all about them cowboys

  2. SchoenSkates says:

    Go vikes

  3. IamAustinCarroll says:


  4. Pieman992 says:

    Yea Buffalo Bills

  5. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    I am a born-and-raised Buffalo Bills fan! WOO HOO!

  6. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    Let’s go BUFF-A-LO!

  7. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    I see what you did there! GO B-I-L-L-S!!!

  8. ManMicrosoft says:

    Are these fish-eye lens?

  9. Jessie12353 says:

    Minnesota FTW!

  10. Leeann Holman says:


  11. zach roye says:

    PATRIOTS!!!! you being a bills fan ide like to let you know that your starting receiver stevie johson went to my highschool. i went to a camp with him last summer and it was completely awesome. his jersey hangs in our gym. good luck this season.

  12. jeffg24LT21 says:


  13. Smitty112986 says:


  14. lizcarroll415 says:

    thanks for such great videos! i spend a minute every day smiling.

  15. wildcaligirl47 says:

    hey scott the chargers are my team, and im glad to see you have new camera pics so much better.

  16. GIMRvLOGS says:

    haha life goes on man haha

  17. TubaHero17 says:

    I feel bad for my sister.. it’s her 29th birthday on 9/11. She deserves to celebrate that, right?

  18. HiMyNameIsJackson says:

    Raiders. :D

  19. kickenoob says:

    BUFFALO BILLS! WOOT WOOT i can’t believe i found another loyal fan. I love you now

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