NHL Power Rankings: B/R Experts' Week 17 Poll

NHL Power Rankings: B/R Experts' Week 17 Poll
As expected, our expert panel—Jonathan Willis, Steve Macfarlane, Allan Mitchell, Lyle Richardson, Carol Schram and myself—has voted to determine the ranking of the league's 30 teams, and that ranking is based on what's happened so far and what we …
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Raptors Power Ranking Poll Week 14: Triple Effect
After reflecting (for a month), I decided on a new approach to our old friend the Power Ranking Poll. Rather than focus exclusively on what Maestro Marc Stein has to say about the Raptors, we're branching out. For Week 14 of the Power Ranking Poll, we …
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The definitive world ranking of sweater styles, 1st ed.*
*Note: Due to the list's prestige, styles excluded from the Chosen Eight are heretofore rendered obsolete. Variations in each style have been omitted for the sake of brevity and increasing critical thinking. 8. Crewneck. Definition: Standard fall-to …
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