Nimoy: Invested In Spock character

Nimoy: Invested In Spock character
Spock went back in time, risking the entire timeline, to find some whales to save Earth. But, having been thrown out of his own time, and apparently out of his own universe, he is content to let the billions of Vulcans die at the hand of Nero? Why …
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Leonard Nimoy Wants to Play Spock in 'Star Wars VII' … But He Shouldn't
That is how I imagine Leonard Nimoy asking J.J. Abrams to cast him in Star Wars: Episode VII. It probably wouldn't happen that way, but in an interview with, the veteran Star Trek actor said he'd love to be in the new Star Wars film. When …

Seen 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' & Need More Kirk and Spock in Your Life? 3
If you finally had a chance to see Star Trek: Into Darkness this past week and are going through Kirk/Spock withdrawal, we've rounded up three things to keep you occupied until it's either out on Blu-Ray or you're already lining up for the inevitable …
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