Ninja Betty & The Nunchix, Thunderdikk, Fartbarf

Ninja Betty & The Nunchix, Thunderdikk, Fartbarf
Event on 2012-11-29 21:30:00

Ninja Betty & The Nunchix, Thunderdikk, Fartbarf
El Cid
11/29/2012 09:30 PM PST
.00 at the door

Ninja Betty & The Nunchix

Ninja Betty & The Nunchix are pan sexual multi media glitter junkie tech sluts taking you for a synthesized electronic mustache ride on a spaceship unicorn. Come sip on some of their refreshing beats while they do it to you in your ear drums. Just give them your panties and the sweetest of your dance moves.


Formed in 2007, THUNDERDIKK is hell-bent on delivering authentic Hollywood Sleaze Rock to the fun-starved masses. Lead by vocalist Dikk Thunder, THUNDERDIKK is heavy on sing-alongs, solos, and superhuman feats of rock ‘n roll strength. called them “Boner Gods from Planet 1987.” With rock n roll in need of a new champion, why would you look anywhere else?


Fartbarf is a musical group that consists of 66.6% analogue synthesizers and 33.3% live drums. This leaves 0.1% mystery, and a multitude of genres which are tangled together to create the sonic resolutions put forth by Fartbarf. They are utilitarian by nature, and post-neanderthal by choice. Conceptual development began in Los Angeles, CA, in 2008, and was completed in the form of a tidy 3 piece package less than 8 months later. Key ingredients include a surplus of post-war German caveman masks, Jet Propulsion Laboratory cosmonaut jumpsuits, a strange obsession with pre 1980's analogue synthesizers, all accompanied by infectious melodic hooks and robotic rhythms that have proven to gain notable popularity, even amongst the most pessimistic of individuals that span across the globe.

Venue Information
El Cid
4212 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

at El Cid
4212 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, United States

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