Ninjasonik, Unstoppable Death Machines, ShowYouSuck, Filthy Savage, DJ Fake Money

Ninjasonik, Unstoppable Death Machines, ShowYouSuck, Filthy Savage, DJ Fake Money
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"Ninjasonik are tha future. Jah Jah's the punk, Telli's the rapper, and Teenwolf keeps the beat spinning. Easy to love hard to hate (unless you're a hater), Ninjasonik come from a place of pure adulation for what they get to do and the good people they get to do it with. Rhythms and synths so filthy they make songs about pregnancy, aids, and tight pants seem like odes to the dancefloor and the company of friends. You already know!"

Unstoppable Death Machines

UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES is a performance-art punk-rock explosion from Brooklyn via Queens. Formed by brothers Mike and Billy Tucci in 2007, the duo has criss-crossed the USA performing in DIY spaces, venues, rooftops, warehouse parties, art galleries and museums— including hometown performances at the Queens Museum of Art. UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES has drawn crowds fromcoast to coast with their raucous energy and relational performances- where they create a large group jam with the audience as a finale to their shows. The duo has made a name for themselves with their raucous live performances where they stack walls of speakers and use homemade face microphones to sculpt a sound described by fans as "loud-as-fuck." In the Fall of 2009, Last Ever Records released a limited CD-R pressing titled "Live In Philly" (out of print) which featured a rare all instrumental performance recorded on an iPod. In time for Spring 2010, Last Ever released the group's debut— SLUMLORD 7" EP (out of print) featuring artwork by Brooklyn artist, Cheryl Arent. The EP was recorded live by Billy and Mike with no overdubs on 2-inch tape in a single evening at a studio along the East River in Brooklyn. The Village Voice called the release "a rousing success– four blown-out, bass-chuggin' fuck-it-alls in seven damaging minutes, all etched to a nasty little clear vinyl shard." Cinematographer, Scott Cramer captured the duo's live allure in the group's debut music video for the single/title track "Slumlord." The video debuted on Superchief as music video of the day and Impose called the video "an excellent primer to the Brooklyn- art-punk outfit's jarring live performance, begging the question: are those microphones or muzzles?" Following the SLUMLORD EP release, the band began touring the United States performing sweat drenched shows, including performances in Tijuana and Canada, as well as festivals like SXSW [Austin], CMJ [New York], Hoodstock [Los Angeles], Total Fest [Missoula], Death To The Sun Fest [Miami], Why Not Fest [Minot], Total Bummer Fest [Orlando], Christmas In July Fest [Philadelphia], The Big Spill Fest [San Antonio], 2 Piece Fest [Philadelphia], Valley of the Vapors Fest [Hot Springs], as well as Chippy Fest [New York] a curated event held at The Stone, John Zorn's performance space in Manhattan. In Summer 2011, Whip Records released a limited tape run titled "The USA Is A Grave." The cassette, now out of print, featured spoiler material from the group's forthcoming full-length and was sold on the USA Is A Grave Summer Tour 2011 & Japanther/Unstoppable Death Machines USA Fall Tour 2011. In 2012, Last Ever digitally released the Slumlord EP on iTunes, featuring exclusive remixes of "Slumlord" & "Space-Time Continuum" by DJ FakeMoney & Мишка DJ duo, Baryshnikov. The release coincided with a featured collaborative artist residency at Present Company Gallery in Brooklyn. The opening featured an immersive experiential environment with murals and sculptures in collaboration with Andy Smenos & Sergio Barralle, an interactive light and sound installation in collaboration with Andrew Toews , and a video installation of the animated music video for the single, "Space Time Continuum," designed and animated by Brooklyn artist, Stieg Retlin . Noisey/VICE wrote about the evening and the performance "papier-mâché aliens and robots crowdsurfed the room and were torn apart by the crowd, revealing their guts of balloons and glitter." The animated music video for "Space Time Continuum" premiered and was featured for a month on Animation Block Party . Superchief described the video as, "dope."


Chicago emcee Show You Suck, is putting his mark on the music world, one skateboarder at a time with his mad hooks, slick rhymes and thought provoking lyrics. Straight from the hood, but you'd never guess it with his board toting, fashion conscious personality and nack for 80s and 90s pop culture.

Filthy Savage

Biography FILTHY SAVAGE(BRONX,BK,NY) a punk band originally from bronx NY starting in 2009 with members Rudy Savage(Vocals) , Geo(Guitar,Vocals), Vanesa A.(Drums) , Frank schiro(Guitar) . A combination of grime hardcore with an apealing Sound of Punk Rock. They are moving in and playing at any show you give them. Although this band has only played for eight months they have played with Brooklyns finest, Japanther, Cerebral Balzy ,TheDeathSet, Wild babies, and a band from Toronto Boys who say no, And played In venues like, Party expo, Mercury Lounge, Public Asembaly Bushwick music studios and even Fordam University in the bronx. Slowly but surely the are making a name for them selfs in the huge Brooklyn seen. Expect alot from FILTHY SAVAGE. For now you can get everyday updates from the on their And Facebook FILTHY SAVAGE …(last fm) FILTHY SAVAGE SAVAGE(BRONX,BK,NY) Adding to the chaos is the Bronx's own Filthy Savage. Recalling the golden age of hardcore and punk, these guys tackle and tie it all together with a yard of flaming barbed wire, somehow not giving one goddamned fuck throughout the entire process. Rudy Savage's vocals range from demonic black-metal-esque shrills to the drunken dad sounds of Pere Ubu's David Thomas.Think empty 40s, circle pits, and jokes about getting your dick sucked.(ricardo,miami. FILTHY SAVAGE (BRONX,BK,NY) The show was back on! I tossed some party poppers and confetti their way and chaos ensued. Drenched in sweat I stepped out for a breather and found myself chatting away with The Bennys. Only to walk in and be told of the finale I just happened to miss. Xpo suddenly looked like a war zone of sorts. Confetti everywhere, the floor soaked, and a trashcan in the middle of the room with its contents littering the floor. Was I surprised that this was Filthy Savage’s doing? No. Not at all.(

DJ Fake Money

Feel Rad/Dance Hard

at Paper Box
17 Meadow Street Btwn. Waterbury & Bogart
Brooklyn, United States

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