Nique Stewart’s Think Rich Melbourne

Nique Stewart’s Think Rich Melbourne
Event on 2013-04-23 10:00:00

Who is Nique Stewart

Nique Stewart is considered the "The World's #1 Empowerment Coach"

With a successful past career as a professional basketball player and a top producing salesperson who went from earning 0 a week to .2 million in personal gross commissions within 18 months.

Nique is currentlyl the creator and host of the "Success Factor" television show on FOXTEL, the only success and empowerment television show in the world.

In his experience over the last 10 years, Nique has trained, spoken tp and coached over 350,000 men and women in over 15 countries on how to achieve great results in their personal and professional lives.

Teaching/Educating them o how to apply the same principles of success, empowerment and mental toughness that all high achievers in sport, business and sales consistently use.

Nique curertly works with Fortune 500 companies, Not For Profit Organisations, Major Corporations, and individuals who want to reach their true potential.

Nique inspires audiences around the world with his story and the incredible power of vision.

Endorsed by highly influencial CEO's/Celebrities such as "Chris Rock, Sting, Dr Phil, Andre 3000 (Outkast), Russell Westbrook (NBA Star), Michael Jordon (NBA Star), Kevin Sheedy, James Hird, Liesel Jones and many more. 

His exceptional client list include


Rolls Royce







Luis Vuitton



Ray White


and more. . .

With 7 gorgeous children and successful career, Nique Stewart now resides in Melbourne Australia.

Nique donates a protion of the proceeds from his work to the "Make A Wish Foundation" and other youth and service-based nonforprofits.




Learn The Secret Psychology and Mindset of Getting Rich at Nique Stewarts

Think Rich Event

(Iddentify and Change your Personal Money and Success Program)

Here is what you will learn:

  • How rich people think differently from broke people and what to model from them
  • How to reset your programming for "automatic" success (You will do this right on the spot)
  • 4 Reasons that it's extremelly important that you get rich right now
  • The secret of money and relatioships; how to never argue about finances again
  • The big mistake 98% of people make and the reason they never create wealth. . .or even true financial freedom
  • How to achieve success with balance (perfect for workaholics)
  • How to create an action plan that will get you started and then keep you on the fast track all the way to financial freedom
  • How to think differently, feel differently and act differntly about money, wealth and most importantly yourself
  • Manage Time the Way successful entrepreneurs do
  • Build a Success System to Effectively Achieve Goals
  • Reverse Limiting Talk
  • Face Up To What Isn't Working
  • Boost Their Business, Just By Asking
  • Shift Attitude Beliefs to "I Can" Solution Model
  • Change their outcomes by reacting differently to any event

at Hilton on the Park
192 Wellington Parade East Melbourne Victoria
Melbourne, Australia

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