Nissan Leaf gives mainframe a new kick along

Nissan Leaf gives mainframe a new kick along
Leaf's smarts allow drivers to use an iOS or Android smartphone application or a website to access in-depth information about the car – such as battery status, recharging station locations, and navigation functions – and also remotely control in-car …
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You can buy a 0 Kanye West 'hip hop T-shirt' now
First of all, as the clothing company's website notes, it's “very loose.” It's also 100 percent cotton—fancy “Egyptian cotton,” as a matter of fact. There's also ribbing at the “reinforced neckline,” where anyone who cares to look will see the …
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What chance does Kate Middleton have of giving birth naturally?
The hospital itself has a brand new NHS Birth Centre with some of the country's top midwives. There are pools, Swiss balls, soft mats to kneel on, … It's a question that midwifery websites have been asking for months. Unless there is something we don …

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