NIVEA – Terrifying Marketing Prank — Deo Stress Test —

Nivea decides to try some crazy advertising for their products. Zur Einführung eines neuen Produkts probierte Nivea eine neue Werbekampagne aus.
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18 Responses to NIVEA – Terrifying Marketing Prank — Deo Stress Test —

  1. I3usterOo says:

    hauptsache M24 xDDD

  2. emirhasa says:

    are you learn english ever in school? :)

  3. jamesqb89 says:

    Ta pierwsza ładna dziewczyna na bank jest Polką:)

  4. gangsterfromdaghetto says:


  5. Guler Ozgenc says:

    wtf. they need to know how much stress damage human body. and those damages are irreversible.

  6. TrinityTonic says:

    cuz it aint ‘murica …

  7. EzioCauthon says:

    How the hell did they not get the pants sued off them for this stunt?

  8. dltmdwnfkdldjs says:

    lol hilarious

  9. sh3Q3rB4by says:

    Der hammer gefällt mir

  10. Edmar Braga Gomes says:

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  11. a18ify says:

    …ADOLF…..never die….comadadur…..

  12. CallMeCarolyn says:

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  13. Reginald Alston says:

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  14. SW3JBF says:

    haha nice1

  15. Xivender says:

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  16. Zoltán Csereháti says:

    I think so, too. I say that such thing should not be allowed even if they are actors.

  17. Zoltán Csereháti says:

    Finally someone who sees through the sieve!

  18. majd abd says:

    hhhhhhh awesome 😀

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