7 Replies to “NKH Documentary “Robot Revolution” Developing Robots for Dangerous Fukushima Decommission Process”

  1. Radiation destroys semiconductors but if you put the electronics in a lead can they’ll be ok, but to ensure reliability you need self-healing hardware which disables damaged segments, as well as a high reliability operating system.

  2. I does take a toll doesn’t it ;( I saw your comment about doing stained glass while you take a breather. I do it too and the craft is a great stress reliever. Hope to see you soon Take care 😉

  3. LOL… More Office Space (the movie) humor… “I’m not really ‘Missing’ work” 🙂 LOL. You’re doing a terrific job! Keep up the great work. Try not to let it take it’s toll on you.

  4. LOL arclight. I’m all for sparing the life of the robots and sending the Tepco execs in to do the dirty work. Wait…..we forgot that Lady Barbara Judge doesn’t have a problem with high radiation levels……hmmmmm 😉 And the decommission farce continues 🙁 

  5. Hi MsMilky. Good to see you around. Everyone is missing you. Yes they omitted the part about the high rads disabling robots that have been sent into the reactors in the past. NHK is tied to Tepco’s apron strings.

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