nKommunikation a Breath of Fresh Air in the Web Hosting Industry

(PRWEB) July 14, 2006

nKommunikation has officially launched a new kind of web hosting service that rewards customer’s initiative in many ways. nKommunikation is offering quality and competitive traditional hosting services, dedicated servers and collocation services backed with a risk-free 90 days money back policy.

The philosophy behind nKommunikation offer of services is that the customer is always first and should be rewarded for helping to build a better service. That is why nKommunikation conducts timely surveys amongst its customers to know what they think of the services and how nKommunikation could improve its offering. Respondents are enrolled in our quarterly sweepstake and are getting automatically rewarded with rebate on their hosting plans.

“Most host have forgotten the real meaning of customer first business which is to put the customer on the front-line of our business plan, not by deciding what should be best for them but by letting them decide what they really need and do our best to keep them satisfied in all areas of the business. That way we can settle for a long ride in this overcrowded business by letting customer decide if we really worth every pennies they spend on us.” – Nicolas Cloutier, CMO of nKommunikation

About nKommunikation

Nkommunikation is one of the leading web hosting providers, offering solutions ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated servers and collocation solutions. Not only do we provide quality services using the latest in server technology available today, we also offer our customers a support service that we believe is simply unbeatable.

Our years of experience give us the knowledge to guide our customers through the process of creating, uploading and promoting your website.

Web hosting is now easier to use, more reliable and better value than ever at nKommunikation. We make launching your web site a breeze with our powerful control panel and easy-to-use tools and our dedicated team is always standing by to answer all your questions.


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