No Cost Digital Content Marketing for Financial Professionals to be Provided by Vestorly

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

Vestorly, a leading digital content marketing platform for financial professionals, announced today the availability of a free and comprehensive content marketing suite This no cost alternative for content marketing frees financial professionals from having to pay for content distribution services they are currently using for email newsletters, social media publishing services or digital content marketing hubs.

The current technology behind digital content marketing is becoming commoditized, said Justin Wisz, CEO of Vestorly. The real challenge for digital marketing platforms is delivering actionable data that helps professionals convert new clients as opposed to simple content distribution.

As the wealth management industry embraces digital marketing, there are industry-specific challenges, such as compliance and qualified lead generation, which are not included in most current content marketing platforms. Paid-for marketing tools may schedule, push and archive content across multiple digital channels, but typically lack the intelligence to identify, attract and convert new clients. As a result, Vestorly believes that these base-line services have become so commoditized that they ultimately will become free, just as many other online features have become.

Vestorlys mission is to power up the wealth management industry and its professionals with smart data that accelerates client acquisition continued Wisz. As part of that mission, we believe that the basic features of digital content marketing services should be free.

The key functionality that separates Vestorly from other digital content marketing platforms is Vestorlys ability to gather new prospective clients from the entire Web presence of a professional or firm. Vestorly captures the basic interaction between individuals and wealth management professionals. It then synthesizes user content views into better client service data and user content-sharing into new client referrals. Vestorlys proprietary algorithms then facilitate the client acquisition process by collecting smart data on individual prospects.

For enterprises and firms that seek industry-specific ROI from marketing efforts, Vestorly offers an API (application programming interface) to enable the turnkey integration with current content marketing tools, compliance platforms, and CRMs. Through the Vestorly API, enterprises and firms can quickly enhance current digital marketing initiatives with data-powered lead generation and nurturing.

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