No gatekeepers

No gatekeepers
Many of today's most popular websites — Google, Indiegogo, Facebook — thrive because they gave more control to users than to the founders. They also help users get things done without relying on gatekeepers at publishing houses, mainstream media or …
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11 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Online
However, the more a computer is used by different people, the greater the odds that it has been infected or contains spyware that can log keystrokes, email accounts and websites visited. Some users work around this by bringing circumvention software on …
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5 facts about online video, for YouTube's 10th birthday
On Valentine's Day 10 years ago, a group of former PayPal employees founded YouTube as an easy way to find and share videos. Today it's one of the most visited websites in the world and is widely used by news organizations, politicians and music artists.
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