No More Bibs: Childrens Clothes That Are Impossible to Stain, Just Launched on Kickstarter

NYC, NY (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

Imagine eating dinner without worrying about your children getting dirty, bothering to put a bib on them or even caring about their soup splashing on their brand new clothes.

Thats the vision No More Bibs had in mind when creating their stain repellent clothes that are nearly impossible to stain.

By combining a super hydrophobic property which repels water based liquids with a super oleophobic property which repels oil based liquids, No More Bibs is able to repel 99% of the liquids a child might be exposed to including chocolate, ice cream, mud, blood, juice, drool, paint, oil, ketchup, syrup etc.

Using nanotechnology, the outer layer of the fabric turns into a liquid repellent surface that turns liquids into these rather large droplets that roll right off the surface.

Since air molecules are smaller, theyre still able to go in and out of the fabric freely which causes the fabric to be just as airy as before.

This property of repelling different liquids also exists in nature and can be found for example in the lotus plants leaves or in butterfly wings that repel water so that it doesn’t weigh them down. The repellent factor is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic leaving the clothes completely safe to use by kids and in accordance with the Childrens Safe Products Act.

No More Bibs is a patented application invented by Penina First, an Israeli-American serial entrepreneur who has previously founded Swifto- A GPS tracked dog walking company that currently employs close to 100 US employees. First is also the winner of the prime minister award for innovation in Israel and the exit-09 competition sponsored by Google.

First comes from a large family and has a scientific background in Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology. These two factors enabled her to both be aware of the problem and find an effective solution for it.

Another added bonus is that the clothes are germ-free (at least the outer layer is) and can help with the prevention of spreading of germs. Bacteria need liquids in order to grow, explains First, since the fabric repels any liquid it comes across, the fabric is basically never wet and thus germs cant grow.

No More Bibs just launched its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of reaching $ 40,000 in order to build comfortable, airy and machine washable clothes that are stain repellent.

How much do the clothes cost? For $ 25 youll be able to buy a stain repellent childs T-shirt and for $ 35 a stain repellent pair of childrens pants. They also have an adult version of the product where $ 35 will buy you an adult size T-shirt. Not a bad deal considering how much laundry theyll save you.

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