No Waiting in Lines This Holiday SeasonUS Passport Online Expedites Passport Renewal Online, Making International Travel Possible for Customers within 24 Hours

(PRWEB) December 01, 2012

With the winter holidays just around the corner, US Passport Online LLC provides an invaluable service to international travelers: fast and affordable online passport renewal.

The winter holidays are one of the busiest seasons for travel. In addition to those traveling within the United States, many will also travel internationally.

Granted a special license by the U.S. government,U.S. Passport Online makes international travel more accessible and available. The expedited process makes short-notice decisions possible for those wishing to spend the holidays in another country, whether visiting family or on vacation. Combined with the number of web sites dedicated to deals on airline travel to locales across the world, destination holidays can be planned in weeks leading up to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Foreign-born citizens of the United States can choose to spend the holidays with loved ones in the country of origin.

Waiting in long lines is a fixture of the holiday season. However, with U.S. Passport Online, waiting is taken out of the passport application process. Unlike the standard process, customers do not have to submit documents in person. Instead, agents are available to guide customers either by phone or through the web. Agents support customers in acquiring all required documents. Because agents are up-to-date on the application process and U.S. Department of State regulations, problems and changes are maneuvered with ease. Government-approved couriers also submit materials on the customers behalf.

According to Forbes, 110 million out of 313 million United States citizens now own a passport. That means two-third of the population do not possess valid passports. Given the influx of passport requests during the holidays, wait times are expected to increase. U.S. Passport Online guarantees delivery Between 24H and two weeks depending on what service you select. The routine processing time of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, the arm of the Department of State that issues passports, is four to six weeks.

U.S. Passport Online has demonstrated proven success. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, the online vendor has delivered more than 100,000 passports.

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