NO YAHOO! — The civil disobedience continues

NO YAHOO! — The civil disobedience continues

Image by Dave Ward Photography
A lot of people are very unhappy about being required to create a Yahoo! identity and associate it with their Flickr account.

And on the very same day that was announced, Yahoo! started using Flickr photos in a commercial capacity, without any regard to licensing and copyrights.

Not cool.

We’ve already done some good civil disobedience. Persistence is the key. Let’s do it again!

Grab a copy of this image and post it on your own Flickr account. Set the licensing rights of your own copy of it to "attribution license" and then tag your image wii. It will be drawn into the stream.

Let’s try to fill the entire page with that image. If it actually happens, grab a screen shot, okay?

Post this image around. Make it your Flickr "Buddy icon" or whatever will get it seen and raise awareness. Let the whole damn Internet see how staunchly, seriously opposed we are to all of this!

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13 Responses to NO YAHOO! — The civil disobedience continues

  1. dirk1812 says:

    Nice logo, thanks! I grab it and will use it as my profile picture, too! Dirk.

  2. Eris23 [forever oldskool] says:

    blogged… thx

  3. marit79 says:

    I was NOT happy about having to sign up for yahoo either. I’m sure that the people at flickr were probably given a chunk of change to sell out. And it SUCKS.

  4. Chris Turner says:

    i agree, this does suck! i pay for this service, should i not have a say in what happens here/

  5. reizenbee says:

    I completely agree with you that nobody has the right to publish your copyrighted things without your permission. Not yahoo! Not Flickr! NO ONE! But Flickr is a yahoo company! I do not know when yahoo bought Flickr but at least Flickr was part of yahoo when I joined Flickr about one year ago. So why are you wondering if yahoo tries to make things more simple by avoiding people having two or more accounts at the same business? If you really want to stop yahoo taking advantage of you photos you need to ‘tag’ your photos with the wrong information. yahoo is not interested in your photos. yahoo wants photos which contain meta information like tags, gps information or even interestingness counted by the number of comments, etc. So the more useless meta-information a photo brings the less it is useful for yahoo.

  6. heavylift says:

    Very cool Dave. I’m glad someone is sticking up for our rights here. Thanks for noticing this, spreading the word, and keeping the fire stoked.

  7. jaqian says:

    When Yahoo took over Flickr it was the worst news. I’m still around because there is nowhere better to go… yet! I don’t want Yahoo killing Flickr but I can see things getting worse. How long before ads and other crap appear? There are already ads sneaking in, just click on "Taken with a CAMERA_NAME" under "Additional Information. Looks like an ad to me.

  8. newdna says:

    FLICKR IS DEAD! It died the moment they broke copyright law and used our images for their commercial gain.

  9. aspargsen says:

    great photo, take a look at this too

  10. aspargsen says:

    @ iagian this not a comercial, it is a part of the EXIF data, and the links shows all other photo taken with the same camera

  11. Eris23 [forever oldskool] says:

    No commercial? Why do i see the Manufacturer Logo, a link to Yahoo-Shooping and prices then?

  12. aspargsen says:

    what can i say, it dident do that yesterday

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