Noam Chomsky | Talks at Google

Professor Noam Chomsky visits Google Cambridge to answer the following questions from Googlers: 1. Your early view of the potential abuse of the Internet as …
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15 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky | Talks at Google

  1. At first I was curious about Noam Chomsky. Then I noticed that he was a blabbering idiot. Then i noticed that he had a idiotic fan base. Do we really need more misinformation in this day and age?

  2. As a teacher Chomsky seems essentially to be providing the listener with what they need to know in order to think in a meaningful way about the world and its political systems and operations. 

  3. I’ve never found an intellectual that I feel is more trustworthy than Noam Chomsky. (No one’s perfect, but) his level of honesty and genuineness is pretty profound. A wannabe intellectual like Richard Dawkins would shit his pants over the terror he would be experiencing discussing half the topics (particularly related to power and imperialism) that someone like Chomsky has dedicated his life towards. And Hitchens was just attracted to US power, in my opinion.

  4. Chomsky is kinda cold. Who do he support? Does he support anyone but empirical data after the fact? “No, with the data that we had at that point, I was right. At that point we didn’t yet know enough, so… you know.” I very much agree with Zizek on his point, as follows: “His idea is today that cynicism of those in power is so open that we don’t need any critique of ideology, you reach symptomatically between the lines, everything is cynically openly admitted. We just have to bring out the facts of people. Like “This company is profiting in Iraq” and so on and so on. Here I violently disagree.” 

  5. Let this prick live in Russia or any other country where he can feel happier. What ever his psychological issues are, he is blind that it is the USA that gives him the freedom to express his anti-American views. Drink some cyanide Noam and share it with your commie friends.

  6. does anyone knows, where can I read about “primary means of language” at 13:45, that language is not developed primarily for the purpose of communication.

  7. It just occurred to me that chomsky vids in general have shockingly low views – relatively speaking. You know, a video showing Britney Spears’ nipple is sure to get 1+ billion views and so on… One video though has a very significant number of views: “Interviewer gets fucked by Noam Chomsky” – 625,137 views.

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