Nokia C2-01

The most important thing to know about the Nokia C2-01 is that this is our most inexpensive new 3G phone, so it promises to bring fast data services to millions of people who’ve never had them before. Read more:

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18 Responses to Nokia C2-01

  1. JosephMts says:

    Best phone ever!

  2. oppohoppa says:

    I use mine only for talking. Will I get better battery performance, If 3G is shut off??

  3. emass91 says:

    Parece un buen móvil, una buena relación precio-prestaciones, acabo de comprárselo a mi madre, solo queda esperar el envió haber como funciona.

  4. lizandro1995 says:

    como le configuro las comunidades

  5. shameershemu says:

    I have this phone with Sftwr prblms .hte it

  6. carl hung says:

    hi?how can i get free internet for my nokia c2.00 dual sim?

  7. GREG WONG says:


  8. mrvicfirth1 says:

    I have this phone, but the only bad thing is that this phone has no WIFI :(((((((((((((((

  9. MarieCurie83 says:


  10. MarieCurie83 says:

    This background nusic hipnotised me…I want them all …even if I need just one cell phone.

  11. Ianas Andrei says:

    i have this phone PERFECT FOR LISSENING TO MUSIC :)

  12. BrandHit1 says:

    And dont forget Wifi! now people can buy nokia and surf the web.

  13. telavi1000 says:

    eu tenho um desse

  14. Asn Jay says:

    you are right, i also like nokia because in Pakistan, nokia has the largest market share because it is making phones as low as $18 or $19 and the quality phones such as nokia lumia etc. This is what a poor person can also afford. this is what makes nokia keep going :)

  15. Nimington says:

    Background Music Please :)

  16. Toadisbufo says:

    what’s the track?

  17. ByCristi002 says:

    yes :D

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