Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 8

Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 8

Download the latest Nokia Maps from Windows Phone Marketplace for your Lumia Windows Phone 8: Maps just got better than ever. Take a clo…
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  1. Hi ‘testware’, yes I know Nokia Drive can store maps but if you are walking then you need Nokia Maps and if you have Windows Phone 7.x then you can’t store your maps offline. I would like Nokia to upgrade Nokia Maps for Lumia 800 users like me, why not?

  2. The thing is that Microsoft removed the Voice turn directions from WP8 and said that Nokia Drive would be available for all WP8 devices in its place. When I originally left this comment there wasn’t a good solution for this but now Nokia Drive Beta is available for all WP8. I must say that I rather like it as well.

  3. I don’t know if you’ll see this, or figured it out by now – but Lumia’s always had offline maps using Nokia Drive. You can download maps for offline navigation on Nokia Drive. Nokia Maps might be more feature filled – the current version on WP7.5 doesn’t have offline maps (afaik), but I think it’s coming. For now – Drive has really good offline maps 🙂

  4. The maps can only be offline if you are on Windows Phone 8 but what about if you have a Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.5? Will Windows Phone 7.8 have offline maps and when will it arrive?

  5. In Nokia Maps I don’t have the Start Navigation option, so I can’t launch Nokia Drive to get navigation to my favourites. Can someone help please?

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