Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 8

Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 8

Download the latest Nokia Maps from Windows Phone Marketplace for your Lumia Windows Phone 8: Maps just got better than ever. Take a clo…
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20 Responses to Nokia Maps for Windows Phone 8

  1. cirkusarena says:

    You get location using built in GPS.

  2. Rúben Santos says:

    Oh, nice! What about getting your exact location without 3G?

  3. Michael Gerrard says:

    Hi ‘testware’, yes I know Nokia Drive can store maps but if you are walking then you need Nokia Maps and if you have Windows Phone 7.x then you can’t store your maps offline. I would like Nokia to upgrade Nokia Maps for Lumia 800 users like me, why not?

  4. Alex Crain says:

    The thing is that Microsoft removed the Voice turn directions from WP8 and said that Nokia Drive would be available for all WP8 devices in its place. When I originally left this comment there wasn’t a good solution for this but now Nokia Drive Beta is available for all WP8. I must say that I rather like it as well.

  5. testware says:

    But this is what makes Nokia stand out in the crowd :) But I think they do have maps coming out for all Win phones, not sure.

  6. testware says:

    I don’t know if you’ll see this, or figured it out by now – but Lumia’s always had offline maps using Nokia Drive. You can download maps for offline navigation on Nokia Drive. Nokia Maps might be more feature filled – the current version on WP7.5 doesn’t have offline maps (afaik), but I think it’s coming. For now – Drive has really good offline maps :)

  7. official5flyers says:

    AMAZING FAN MADE LUMIA 920 Commercial!! /watch?v=i_9xUhwItUU

  8. reynan santos says:

    exclusive for LUMIANs… hihi

  9. Alex Crain says:

    How about you let us actually get this on other WP8 devices like the HTC 8X.

  10. Michael Gerrard says:

    The maps can only be offline if you are on Windows Phone 8 but what about if you have a Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.5? Will Windows Phone 7.8 have offline maps and when will it arrive?

  11. krazysaudi says:

    Nokia maps is way better than any other free map application. I’ve been using itsince my Nokia N8.

  12. Micheal Somonie says:

    Hey guys, i finely found a working video for windows 8 pro download! link: /watch?v=XSy-FVYxkEk Enjoy!

  13. GhassenTunisia says:

    oh, I own an iphone 4 and apple left me with no siri, no panorama, NOTHING. i’m switching to WP8. it’s way better, iOS is just so boring

  14. Ricky41032 says:

    The dude is French

  15. SilenceStabber says:

    1:07 battery is empty.

  16. ulmasaliev says:

    Не плохой смартфон но мне нравится IPhone 4

  17. silentloverx says:

    It shows the real thing :)

  18. tnralliart2600 says:

    In Nokia Maps I don’t have the Start Navigation option, so I can’t launch Nokia Drive to get navigation to my favourites. Can someone help please?

  19. muhd furqan says:

    Well .. Good for you. I wish I could have a Lumia 920

  20. JUSTIN EJ says:

    me toooooo 

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