NOOB TO PRO ▶ TOP 5 TIPS FOR RANKING UP | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Simple video explaining five tips for ranking up. 00:31 Tip 1: Stay focused, don’t get mad and be composed. 01:11 Tip 2: Use grenades, smokes are top priority. 01:43 Tip 3: Learn and understand…

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25 Responses to NOOB TO PRO ▶ TOP 5 TIPS FOR RANKING UP | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  1. Emil Elander says:

    why would you say sorry to someone that is screaming at you though

  2. World Known says:

    Silver MM on European servers in a nutshell: Russians, Russians everywhere.

  3. TotallyLegitName says:

    Actually the 5 basic tips for ranking up are : 1. Own a copy of Counter Strike : Global Offensive. 2. Hope the MM puts you in a decent team. 3. Wish the MM puts you in a decent team. 4. Pray that the MM puts you in a decent team. 5. Sell your souls to Satan so that the MM puts you in a decent team.

  4. Qae - Minecraft and CSGO says:

    Tbh getting out of silver is not always easy.. Silvers don’t care about communication/leaving bans/information.. They only trust theirselves.. I gotta carry every game I play, atleast, when I solo queue.

  5. TheArzonite says:

    The very best (but not recommended) way to rank up is paying for a hacker to boost you.

  6. RedHeadZombie™ says:

    Silvers do not eco… x)

  7. Takistan Drug Industries says:

    This video does apply to people who have been in silver for about 20 wins. After you play more games however, it most likely will result it you getting stuck in the same rank because you simply don’t win enough of your games. That’s why there are many decent silvers that are stuck in silver because they improved there game skill beyond silver after they played lets say 100 games in silver.

  8. jason martinez says:

    Lmfao scream can sit down

  9. Der Bube says:

    The knife looks like someone pooped on it xD

  10. BananaGaming ☆ The Banana Army of CS:GO ☆ says:

    The font used in-game for this video is called Impact How to install it? If you like my settings, check

  11. FAXIN says:

    Did not work, still global! :( fml

  12. zCameronn says:

    Gold nova is so painful to get out of. I made a smurf and got to MG2 after 10 games, but on my main, I got 300wins and nova 3. Always get placed with flamers or trollers, or get put up against GE smurfs lmao.

  13. badbundle says:

    Banana, I doubt you’ll see this, but I just wanna say that this tutorial is probably THE FIRST that has really helped me! I’ve watched all sorts of tutorials and they haven’t helped me one bit. I gotta tell you, this is amazing. Earned my sub.

  14. ParadiseGrow says:

    Too simple tips :p

  15. Allan Survo says:

    sorry to say ..but in most games i’v played ..i allways had that one ennoying russian in my team …:/

  16. RPSOliveira says:

    how da hell do you see the enemies cash? it shows nothing for me.

  17. Jesper Lindevall says:

    Jag viste att du va svensk ;P

  18. SSJ3 Timo says:

    Banana Icons, essential to any top CSGO player

  19. Misha14PL says:

    Why would I say sorry to a guy that shouts at me ? Ignore him and that’s it really, unless you fucked up big time.

  20. k_2F says:

    Wait did you use my artwork at 0:45 ? lol nice video btw

  21. Fruitbobsensation says:

    americans from the us are so fucking bad in general. im queuing with ak’s and they dont even use the nades, flashes and smokes they buy

  22. Sollet says:

    Bananagaming, i hope you can read this: Thanks to to your tips and everything, i got rankup today from Silver III to Silver IV because of you, i just want to say: Thank you, you really helped me :) I was stuck on Silver III for like 2 months :)

  23. Bartek Sojka says:

    After watching this video i felt that teamwork is most important thing in game, allways. So i started match with my friend fully motivated and… shouting russians attacking teammates and griefing. Lost faith in humanity and uninstalled.

  24. Bledixon Gameplay says:

    Okay this may come a little bit late and I’m not sure if you replay, but I always play against smurfs, I’m Silver IV with 300 wins and play atleast every secound match against mg until dmg smurfs, this is so fucking annoying, got any tips for that?

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