Nostalgia Critic:AI

Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 thoughts on “Nostalgia Critic:AI

  1. A terrible live action movie that has little to no connection with the original series aside from names, the artifacts and some other thing.

  2. TMZ: They rape your mother, Call her a whore, Burn your house, And stab your friends… …And the next they they claim you did it all with a Nerf gun…

  3. “…I like your floor.” …you’re creepy, kid. Are you going to ask me to play with you? o_O *Later in the video* “Come play with me, mommy!” Erm…I didn’t mean it, kid. XD

  4. I love A.I., but this review is AMAZING !!!!!!! I thought I’m going to angry Doug for bashing the movie, and then the ending just blew me away. I understand that he hate the movie because he’s think that the movie not quite Kubrick-ish much and A.I. ending was just too Spielberg-ish, but when he’s understand that it was original idea from Kubrick and compare him to TMZ. Yeah that’s quite CLEVER !

  5. I know this will end up being spam, but honestly i really didn’t think war horse should be as praised as it is. They over hyped the war which they did poorly on(my opinion), the ending was predictable, it was not sad when that horse die(marely and marely was sad), also this is his opinion, everyone has one and yelling at ones opinion makes you the douche bag here,

  6. This review was fucking amazing.. Specially the end. He tried, it will never be what it should be. But at least the story is out there.

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