Not the Robots You’re Looking For.

Yep. Star Wars. I was too sick of looking at it to gloss up the animation, sorry. The pyro’s hand might be fucked up. Voice acting by me.

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17 Responses to Not the Robots You’re Looking For.

  1. samuelasakatz says:

    I’ll buy you full time

  2. DWC15 says:

    Ha, That’s Obi for ya.

  3. FeamTorturess says:

    Glorious bitchslap right there.

  4. MrJohn3636 says:

    Sounds more British then Aussie :)

  5. shadik1337 says:

    Hmpphhh,escaping from pyro’s. or pydroids. Seems like a good plan.

  6. Futonpotatos says:

    Kickstarter :)

  7. ThisIsFiveEighteen says:

    The timing of the slap makes this.

  8. Blankskeen says:

    That slap

  9. Kerf87 says:

    Try to partner yourself and put some effort into the channel and you might just make some money of it. Your stuff is amongst the best i’ve seen since SFM came out. I believe in you! Some really nice stuff you got here.

  10. 1218Draco says:

    Star Wars + TF2 = WINNING!!!

  11. jeffhardyrulez900 says:

    Did you do the voice acting on your own??? Its.. perfect.

  12. TheDanielson101 says:


  13. varilla111 says:

    he can go about his bussiness

  14. JOA390 says:

    Sniper-Wan-Kenobi Luke Scoutwalker SPY-3PO

  15. Arcralf says:

    What’s your rates?

  16. 643cube says:

    i have just not in a long time

  17. EksCelle says:

    you’ve obviously never seen star wars…

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