Novation Mini Nova Novation MiniNova: 37 Tasten Performance Synthesizer 256 Werksounds, 128 frei belegbare Speicherplätze 8 beleuchtete Animate Tasten für den Performance- oder Arpeggiator-Modus Perform-Sektion mit 4 Reglern und Zugriff auf insgesamt 24 Klang-Paramter 14 konventionalle Wellenformen (Rechteck, Sägezahn, Sinus, Dreieck, Pulse und Kombinationen daraus) 36 Wavetables 20 digitale Wellenformen 3 Oszillatoren Virtual-Sync und Hardness 14 Filter Typen (davon 2 gleichzeitig nutzbar) 6 Hüllkurven-Generatoren 3 LFOs 20 Modulations-Slots Vocoder mit VocalTune-Effekten Abmessungen: 56 x 7,5 x 25 cm Gewicht: 2,52 kg
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Novation Mini Nova

  1. Terrence Spencer says:

    Damn I left Germany in 1992 cant follow convo lol

  2. Terrence Spencer says:

    is that a retainer u have on? lol

  3. Terrence Spencer says:


  4. ThePheda says:

    can someone please give me 400euro’s??????????

  5. bigtimes synthesizer says:

    hi there,how to set up ableton midi ports if im using mini nova(mininova editor) and focusrite 8i6?thanks and more power.

  6. frydchde88 says:

    frydchde88 2 ore fa Advantages of the MicroKORG for example can be: dirt cheap 2nd hand prices, classic VA sounds, excellent vocoder, MIDI thru, better portability because it can run on batteries! you see that even after 10 years it is actually still competitive 😉

  7. frydchde88 says:

    Are you serious? The answer it’s quite obvious: Novation clearly copied MicroKORG’s design and concept. KORG did it first. I agree that MiniNova is an overall better synth, but for some things MicroKORG is still a winner, pretty amazing for a synth that came out 10 years earlier.

  8. ujjwalnepali says:

    Are those all factory presets played in the video??

  9. BeatznHookz says:

    Just got this and I must say …….it’s fuckin nuts!!!

  10. pugdug808 says:

    yes yes i do

  11. Synthematix says:

    know that from experience do you?

  12. pugdug808 says:

    aaaaaaannnddd i dont know german

  13. pugdug808 says:

    bullshit. your on the internet, nobody on the internet gets laid

  14. 00HoODBoy says:

    ebenso haha

  15. thanatas says:

    wenn der weinachten nicht unterm Baum liegt knöpf ich mir den Santa Claus vor ^^

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