Novation MiniNova Synthesizer Demo – Sweetwater Sound

Ralph Goldheim from Focusrite/Novation presents the Novation MiniNova, the compact little brother to the acclaimed Ultranova synthesizer. Enjoy the demo, the…
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16 Responses to Novation MiniNova Synthesizer Demo – Sweetwater Sound

  1. shaft9000 . says:

    ‘HOUSE TECH’ It can only be made on synths which have “the look and feel of real wood”…which one can only say because it’s fake wood

  2. MeldMagic says:

    Does anyone know if the MiniNova can load sysex patch data from the older Nova desktop module?

  3. MeldMagic says:

    Komplete 9

  4. G4RR377Q says:

    Do a search for Novation // MiniNova synthesizer performance on youtube and you’ll see a brilliant demo of the mininova. It’s on the Novation Youtube channel.

  5. podge2525 says:

    Synthesisers used for Hip Hop? Sounds like every track ever recorded uses the same preset. Hip hop…..zzzzz

  6. ChrisBBeats1 says:

    anything is good for anything, just learn how to use it. a good starter synthesizer that a lot of hip-hop producers started with is the microkorg but anything will do for whatever you want youve just got to put the time in to learn it.

  7. chutt ni says:

    any synth is good for hip hop, it’s all about how you use it.

  8. atk326 says:

    Thanks! I just bought the microkorg even though they both sound awesome. The microkorg just seemed to be very reliable since it’s been around for over 10 years. Who knows though…some day I might get the mininova as well.

  9. kissmymonkeyass23 says:

    is thiss good for hip hop?

  10. RedCyanPhotos says:

    My fiance has both, both as good in different ways.

  11. atk326 says:

    I still have no idea what to get for making electronic music…mininova or microkorg?

  12. Rodney Lavett says:


  13. BOWO HUNTER says:


  14. alchyseznam says:

    sterile sound 

  15. JumpVector1 says:

    I would do better by buying a cheap Casio on ebay… The sound that is coming from it sucks – no warmth, no soul to it!

  16. Cityangel38 says:

    not the same engine, not the same feeling by playing it, totally different, guy 😉 not the same patches at all.

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