NSA reportedly collecting data secretly from Google, Yahoo

NSA reportedly collecting data secretly from Google, Yahoo
WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting Internet data — almost certainly including American email traffic — as it transits to Google and Yahoo servers abroad, according to the latest disclosure from former NSA …
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NSA intercepts Google, Yahoo traffic overseas: report
Like other companies, Google and Yahoo constantly send data over leased and shared or exclusive international fiber-optic telecommunication lines as they synchronize information. The newly disclosed program, operated jointly with the United Kingdom's …
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JERRY YANG LAUGHS LAST: 5 Years Later, Yahoo's Share Price Finally
Ballmer told Yang that he was sick of waiting for Yahoo to come up with a counterproposal for Microsoft's offer to buy Yahoo. Ballmer said that if Yang couldn't come up with one in the next two days, he was going to make Microsoft's offer public "and …
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