Nuanced Media’s Client Advanced Tissue Services Announces Attendance to the Annual Association for Molecular Pathology Meeting Held in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 19, 2013

Advanced Tissue Services announced today that it will be attending the 2013 Annual Association for Molecular Pathology Meeting being held in Phoenix, Arizona. The annual meeting will take place November 14-16th. Owner of Advanced Tissue Services highly recommends attendance to anyone within the industry to answer questions as it will be beneficial to all involved.

This will be a great opportunity for pathologists, laboratory directors and technologists to interact directly with ATS Medical Director who will be on hand to answer all questions. In addition, the Medical Director will introduce ATS large network of tissue banks that are able to fulfill all your human tissue needs (normal and/or diseased tissue, frozen or parrafin embedded) at extremely competitive prices. Looking forward to seeing you all out there next month.

About Advanced Tissue Services

Advanced Tissue Services (ATS) provides reliable and centralized access to human biospecimens for use in clinical and translational research and development. Our products include cell lines and tissue specimens for normal and diseased states.

For more information on Advanced Tissue Services, please view their website.

About Nuanced Media

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